The Process

Mello is an end-to-end platform that provides access to premium medical compression legwear. With Mello, your prescription garments can be easily ordered online and shipped to your door.

No, it is not. You will need a measuring tape, and in the event you do not have one, we will send you a kit. It is important to get proper fitting, so be sure to follow our online fitting video and take your measurements in the morning (when legs are least swollen).

Insurance Coverage

Yes, our compression socks are all medical grade(minimum 20-30 mmHg) and are covered by private insurance. The benefit frequency and amount can vary from plan to plan. Please check for your individual coverage or connect with our client care prior to your purchase. Here are some of the most common plan coverages in Ontario's health care sector:

PARO (Manulife): 6 pairs per academic year

UHN (Sun Life): 4 pairs per calendar year

Sunnybrook (Sun Life): 4 pairs per calendar year

LHSC (Manulife): 6 pairs per calendar year

William Osler Health (Sun Life): 4 pairs per calendar year

Trillium Health Partners (Sun Life): 4 pairs per calendar year

Unity Health Toronto (Desjardins): 4 pairs per calendar year

Yes. Our compression socks are all medical grade and require a doctor's prescription PRIOR to purchase. Most insurance companies also require a prescription to accompany any benefit claim you make.

Although we always recommend that you consult with your family physician first, we understand time is of the essence. Which is why you may opt out to get your prescription signed via licensed Canadian online tele-health company like Tia Health.

Yes. You will need to make an upfront payment and submit your claim to your insurance. We will provide you with insurance approved invoice, receipt and instructions for a smooth reimburesment.

After your purchase our client care team will email you with an insurance accepted invoice and instructions to submit your claim. You will also be prompted to upload your prescription upon checkout. Simply tell us the name of your insurance provider, coverage details, and we will assist you with your claim submission.

Health Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

Graduated compression socks apply gentle pressure to the ankle and calf region, promoting blood flow from your lower extremities to your heart.
They increase blood circulation by placing pressure on veins located in your and legs.

Healthcare professionals such as medical residents, nurses, doctors as well as anyone who spends long hours on their feet. Athletes can benefit from compression socks in boosting recovery time.
Use of compression socks is also recommended during long distance travel and during pregnancy.

Compression level is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury). The higher the mmHg, the tighter the socks. A good rule of thumb to follow for firm compression is 20-3 mmHg. They are offered as a custom fit, are great for daily wear, recovery during pregnancy, long distance travel and to manage mild symptoms of varicose and spider veins.

There is a misconception that vein disease affects only the elderly. However, it is not uncommon to see young adults in their 20s and 30s experiencing symptoms of veins disease. It is important to start early by preventing the onset of vein related health conditions.

Shipping & Exchanges

Yes. We offer free door-to-door shipping across Canada on a minimum order of 2 pairs of our stylish compression socks/stockings.

If your compression socks are causing you discomfort due to an improper fit, we will exchange your order free of charge within 30 days of purchase.

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