1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women suffer from venous insufficiency?

Benefits of wearing medical compression socks:

Improved circulation

By applying gentle pressure, compression socks help increase circulation of oxygenated blood to your legs and heart. As a result, you will experience re-energized legs, improved blood flow and an extra kick in your step.

Preventing onset of varicose & spider veins

Varicose and spider veins are artificial veins that occur when blood pools in your lower extremities after standing for extended periods. They can be painful and affect the appearance of your legs.
When you wear compression socks, you’re not only preventing the formation of new varicose and spider veins, but the socks will also slow down the progress of the existing ones.

Rejuvenated legs

Say goodbye to tired, achy legs. If your legs get swollen often, it is often due to buildup of excess fluids or edema which happens when you spend long hours standing. Wearing graduated compression socks prevents the buildup of fluids in your feet and legs thus reducing swelling, making your legs feel re-energized.

Prevention of blood clots

You’ve probably heard doctors advising their patients to wear compression stockings before and after surgeries. The same happens when you spend long hours standing while at work. To protect your legs from blood clots, you should wear compression stockings all day long.

In conclusion...

Graduated compression socks can improve blood circulation, protect your veins, and reduce swelling. Wearing Mello compression socks will keep your feet and legs healthy and allow you to stay active while working and helping others.